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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Yeesh. Don't call out the unicorns! It's just a discussion, lol.
Yeah, a discussion of a really dumb idea :-)

Did you read the article and watch the video?
No, I didn't watch the @$% video. Why do you think I have time to waste watching videos, which are about the most useless way of trying to convey information I can think of?

This imaginary system would hypothetically be powered off grid/battery, not the alternator and not the engine. Are you familiar with the e-assist system GM used.
Yes, I'm familiar with the GM system. It's entirely different from a supercharger. And running an electric supercharger off grid-charged batteries? It's not April 1st yet :-)

This is not a drag race application idea. We're discussing a small power augmenting idea, like an ecoboost but using grid power and maybe regen power stored in a battery.
Who brought up drag racing? Not me. I did look at the article, and read what bits of it I could. (Note to website designers: having vertical black bars wiping out about 1/4 of the text does not improve readability!) So they've got an idea for decreasing turbo lag - not that it's a problem. But did you notice that it only comes on for a second or two, and that there are real turbos for the actual driving?

Could I perhaps point out that this is exactly the opposite of what you'd want if you're concerned with fuel economy? Instead, you'd have the exhaust-driven turbo boosting fuel economy all the time, and an electric motor providing extra power for acceleration - exactly the way Honda did it, starting almost two decades ago.

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