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So I've put about 6k miles on the car since I bought it. The weather has been so chaotic, I can't really get a feel for how my different driving is affecting mileage. However, I think the vehicle will respond VERY well to aero mods as a slight tailwind is all that is needed to push me into the mid 40's.

I typically drive with the cruise set to 62 to 65 mph, mostly straight highway with very few stops and slowdowns.

I have a hunch that a significant part of the lower cold weather fe is due to colder intake temps, but i have not tried a wai yet.

Have been consistently getting between 37 and 39 mpg when driven properly, obviously less when driving faster or aggressively. Also, have NOT been using heat while in EV mode, ERDTT is forced at 25f ambient so it's not too bad.

Also, most of my miles since early January have been with RUG 87 and not the suggested premium. Tried ethanol and surprisingly, no CEL and not much of a difference in mpg either.

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