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The Lupo didnt sell very well for a few reasons. Firstly it cost much more than other small cars of the time, it had a very small boot so that put off anyone with kids that needed the extra space for a pram in the back why would they get a lupo when the polo was almost the same car with bigger boot. also the engines came in 1L 1.4 75bhp 1.4 100bhp 1.6 GTI 1.4 diesel TDI 1.7 diesel SDI and in europe a 1.2 diesel that was the 3L

The Lupo is a tough little car its much more robust than the 106 and Saxos that were very popular at the time but they were made out of paper so they wear not a heavy.
The 1L was underpowered for the car and a 1.4 75bhp was probably not as economical as people wanted form a small car the 1.4 100bhp is more sporty and likes to be thrashed around but it kills FE The 1.4TDI was the idea engine but diesels cost more in
the first place and that defeats the object of a low cost second car.

The UK model lupo also did not have a golvebox and that must have been a huge offput to many people It was for me so i retro fitted one from a MK4 polo that had almost the same dash.

The 3L was not the same as the other lupos it had alloy doors bonnet and wings seat frames. I am unsure about the rear hatch but i am looking into it. it also had more airodynamic front bumper and a differant rear bumper. A light weight steering wheel a battery in the boot and for better weight distrobution.

just like the GTI very few parts are the same over the standard car. the GTI is closer to the 3L in that it also has alloy components where as the standard lupos are just steel.

I can tell you the standard bonnet/ hood rear hatch are very heavy.

The car was marketed in the UK as the tough little baby ( ) so i should think the strength of it was one of the main aims of the car but obviously the people that were wanting small cars were more interested in the Initial cost of the car rather than safety. The only other small car i have driven that feels as tight and strong is the Ford KA (pronounced car) and i hate to say it has better roadholding due to a stiffer body, I really didnt want to like the ford but i did so that says allot for the actual drive of the car i still dont like the look though.

Anyway as far as i know The 3L is not that hard to get hold of second hand unfortunately it was never made in left hand drive so in the UK i would say there is less than 10 probably about 4 and some look alike conversions.

The import from Europe would be quite easy if the car is cleared for the US. My dad met an American that drives a Lupo GTI i am not sure what part of the US he was from though. The 3L is a 1.2 TDI so that may be a problem.

The 1L up to 1.4s models have drum brakes on the back so if anyone was serious about Importing one i would recommend looking for a 1.4 sport model this is not the best FE engine but would be a good base for a 3L type conversion. The 1.4 8v polo engine is virtually the same but would be better on fuel than the 1.4 16V. VW Audi Seat all share engines so getting hold of them is not a problem.

As i understand it the VW type 2 camper that is still produced in brazil has a 1.4 L Total Flex at a guess i would say that is the 8V engine that was in the polo. I will loom into it

IF all the parts were converted to 3L parts the 1L may then not be such a bad option as a city car I know some people with the 1Ls have seen 50MPG

I hope that is not too much of a ramble its 4:30am here and i need sleep
If any one wants any info on the lupo just ask me.

Oh and something that people in the US will not know is the Seat Arosa is virtually the same car as the lupo the front end is the only main difference. The seat costs less and the MK2 facelift came with a better spec than the Lupo

Oh and as for the FOX IMO its total crap i would not want one. I know many other cars would go for before the FOX. I dont know for sure but i would say its not doing as well as the Lupo did i never see them on the road and they don't have many on show in the VW dealers.

Now i must get some sleep LOL

Oh one last thing the Lupo 3L was more of a concept that made it to production. I think it was an exercise to show what they could do and to win world records. VW now sell cars labeled Bluemotion they are the FE range with the bloodline from the 3l all have the defining grill block.
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