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I once had a guy flip me off, rear-end me, and then drive off. I got his license plate, but when the police showed up an hour later, they said the number did not exist.

I am regularly amazed by how greatly small things bother people. In the previous case, I came to a complete stop. Others go into a rage because I recklessly drive the speed limit. When I was at Fort Leonard Wood our Platoon Guy was marching us somewhere. One Soldier asked "What time is it [someone else's name?" I looked at my watch, but when I heard the other Soldier's name I minded my own business. A third Soldier, marching behind us, said "See?! That's why nobody likes you, Xist!" Then some nonsense about someone asking somebody else a question and I stayed quiet.

They normally complained if I spoke when they were not talking to me.

The Platoon Guy said "Yeah! Who likes you anyway?!"

"Yo mama."

I thought it was hilarious when he came at me and his friends jumped in, shouting "He's not worth it!"

I submit I had the lamest, most overused, and least mature comeback ever. It certainly did not dignify a response.
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