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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
The tank average improvement is great. Welcome to the site (again). At 35 mpg, you now are beating the averages for a 2008 Fit Sport (32.2 right now). I don't know if an '04 Civic is necessarily better than the '08 Fit on fuel economy. On Fuelly the 04 Civic sedan gets 31.8 mpg. I think their CDA figures are siilar, Fit might be slightly better aerodynamically actually. I don't know the number. But the Fit has significantly shorter gearing at highway speeds: 5th is 0.757 and the FD is 4.294, whereas the 04 Civic base model had 0.711 and 4.111.

I don't know the answer to this question, sorry. Maybe someone else does. Do you have the Fit's Factory Service Manual?

I donít have one, I probably should after owning the car for a decade, I think Iíve decided not to bother with this idea for now and focus on drag/possible weight reduction, I acquired an engine block heater and some coroplast so when I have some free time Iíll get to work on next round of mods

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