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I haven't bothered making any mods on my Volt yet other than adding some rain guards to the windows. I didn't see anything that I could really improve on easily.
The air dam is already so low I cringe every time I drive over something laying in the road, I'm not sure you'll see any gains lowering it without replacing it a lot, and the first time you jack the car up you'll find that the underside is really clean , no belly pan required.
I just air the tires up to max pressure and drive mine, and the real the gains I see are from learning to drive it more and more efficiently

My commute to and from work is a little over 38 miles and I make it daily on EV power, with between 8 and 12 miles of range to spare. Depending on your commute and driving habits you'll be able to get about 45-50 miles of EV range in your 2012 Volt

I charge mine at work every day, dropping my energy costs to zero. You should definitely see if your company will let you charge yours there

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