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Originally Posted by Hilton
Thanks for sharing it is a very useful link, However, I see a lot of mechanical + aerodynamic engineering in practice. Might be I'll go for it in future. At present, I'd stuck to the simple design.
Thanks for making it about you, I was replying to LibertyMKiii.

You have the Fossil Fuel Free and Motorcycles / Scooters subforums as well. Do you know how to use the Site Search function?
Around 25HP rated motor
ESC capable of over 400 amps
A killer battery setup that can discharge high amps for over 15 seconds burst.
(probably a 34V setup? )
custom gears
very efficient aero design.
The Buick altermotor is 20hp. But it wants 72-115V. Which means smaller cables for your 15 second bursts. Why do you want [expensive] custom gears? Make it a single speed and double the horsepower rating and uprate the cable carrying capacity to compensate.

Slam-shifting takes time and you only have 15 seconds. Drag racers were skipping gears in the 1950s and beating the sporty-car types.

Does it have to be expensive? I posted a video here about someone who broke world records on a bicycle he made from washing machine parts (allegedly):

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