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My commute is 60+ all the way but currently with the cold temps in MN my EV range on electric covers my commute exactly, 32 miles.. Once it gets warmer I wont need the heater running, and should easily have excess EV power.. but after asking my employer today, my employer allows me to charge at work via 110v.... so I at least get a free ride home Heck if I work 9 hours I may just charge at work.. totally free to me commute.

My air damn has been thrashed by the previouse owner and removed.. Ill replace it.. Also running max PSI in the tires.

But yes its the nut behind the wheel mostly. I already drive in L mode just to save the break pads... its a wierd adjustment to drive, let of the gas and its slowing at a pretty fast rate.. but I can see how much wear and tear this saves on the breaks.

The worst part is its actually a fairly fast car when you get on it.. and silent.. so weird of a sensation being tossed in to the seat with just a slight whirring sound.. 148HP with nearly 300lbs of toque... its no Tesla, but I can totaly see the attraction to electric for a performance car.

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