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Question: What does a Volt actually get at 70 mph on the highway in standard hybrid mode? (similar to a Prius).
Seems like everyone interested in what they get on the highway.
For the most part, don't forget that the regen brakes still aren't very efficient, and don't forget to neutral coast to get some big numbers. DWB driving style will really boost your numbers up in hybrids and EVs. (Driving Without Brakes). Most people forget how they hypermiled non Hybrids and tend to use the regen brakes as a crutch which results in lower numbers. For the most part only use regen when you HAVE to stop (stop and go traffic, coming to stop sign too hot, etc...).
Yeah for the most part work with what you've got. Air the tires up to 51 psi, make some wheel covers, remove the upper antenna stick (I still get signal without), remove the passenger mirror (if you've driven a 90s car equipped w/o), remove passenger wiper, take some weight out here and there etc... Anything that is free and fun to tinker with would be cool.
But number one is learning how to drive them correctly is what I keep figuring out. It always takes me a while to catch on to the quirks.
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