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Also consider that BMW doesn't produce vehicles known for "acceptable" performance, they are somewhat of an enthusiast's car. As such they are more powerful and more sporting than the standard vehicle of their class and that sportiness comes with a fuel efficiency price.

Can't be too hard on BMW...they've been putting standard instantaneous FE gauges in their cars for YEARS. I'm sure that helps owners improve their economy beyond EPA ratings. A former co-worker bought a 2005 325i new and under the old ratings it was 21/30. He took it on a FL vacation and said he got two tank averages of 30 mpg and drove 80mph the whole trip (the car was new to him at the time so he was attentive to satisfy his curiosity).

I don't get nearly 28mpg. I'm not in the market for a vehicle but may be soon, and maybe my standards aren't high enough but I'm wanting at least 30mpg highway (or reasonable expectation of it with minimal ecodriving techniques). There just aren't enough vehicles I care to drive (or can, at 6'3 and with a need for a rear-facing infant seat) that substantially exceed that number.
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