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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Do you follow the other threads in Aerodynamics? This is kach22i's latest post in the smoke and wind tunnels thread:

It appears there is an underbody tunnel to the height of the axle line. What is it's width? Could you group the batteries in between the wheels on each side, in a catamaran body for less frontal area.

The fan could pull 10-15% of it's flow off the top or sides of the tail to eat any attached turbulence at the last moment before it's added to the wake.
I had poked around in that thread but had not made it to page 70 yet. I love wind tunnel tests, I hope to have my own scaled tunnel at some point in the future with load cells, pitot tubes, rotation for crosswind etc...

The Catamaran design is more inline with what I had hoped to build. I want to utilize the air flow under the car to my advantage and should have a much lower drag on the car with that design.
There is a large space between the front and rear wheels for the battery packs.
The width of this area is not 100% defined at this point. I have not determined how narrow I want to make the wheel/tire combo. It would range any where from 1" up to 2.5"


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