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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
How about something like this that I posted earlier?
That item in the "this" link is what I call an air flow "disruptor", more commonly called a spoiler because it spoils the air flow. This is in the Gurney Flap or Wickerbill family of aerodynamic devices, it creates drag because of the swirling vortex of air behind it, but that same swirling mass of air also pulls the air back down faster than it would without it.

So yes it would do something, something aggressive but it's main function is to create down-force on it's front face via build up of air pressure, and this also results in a lowering of air velocity at that point by the air hitting this blunt plane.

This as an analogy is a hammer, and I think you may want to use a knife. The right tool for the job as it were.

Have you seen some of the things forum user Sven posted?

He also put together a PDF that shows the roof wing on my pick-up truck (still cannot find it - sorry), the intent on that design originally was to have a clean sharp edge for the roof air to release from. However by leaving an air gap it became some sort of weird Venturi channel generator and helped pull the air down on to the tonneau bed cover (a good thing).

Here is an idea, using clear acrylic make a Funny "U" looking similar to the below image.

The F-U (standing for Funny-U) as we will now be calling it is only attached at the bottom two sides, the back/rear is open, and the front leading edge is beveled or rounded but not touching the roof - there is a air gap 1/4" - 1".

Just a concept.

Many people want to go with the tried and true for a known results. Others like sticking their head out a little and taking chances, the thrill of discovery and all that.

Make your choice.

If you are a "if it's not broken - then don't fix it" type of guy, then why are you posting here?

I don't know what's best for you.

Just have fun doing some thing.

Building a cardboard and duct tape mock-up is a good way to start.

Enough talk, just build something.

FYI: I think your car is currently in the Cd .30 range.

It should come out a bit like this.

Or like this:
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