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Thanks RedDevil

Lots of information.

Thank you for putting so much info. Green oil and good tire pressure will be a good start. The right foot then is the next step.

For what about the buddy battery pack.. In will not rush into it. I will try to investigate first. My idea is a kind of a charche pump. A PWM modulated switch (MOSfet) and a coil in series to feed in on demand from a 117V source.

THat is, if IMA needs current from the NiMh pack and SOC < 60% or so, I will feed in to a certain ammount. If the IMA collects current, I do nothing. A diode will block reverse current.

This way I will feed in where the unload voltage curve is quite flat. This I hope would give the least ammount of conflicts with IMA.

But maybe it's all worth nothing. For the next coming months (I do things slowly) I will try to collect some voltage amp curves during testdrives. Hoping for some insight.
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