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You're welcome

I don't think the SOC will go down as low as 60% often.
In my experience, the IMA system keeps the SOC high most of the time, even more so when you're trying to feed it.

My lamp shunt has a relay that switches the lamp banks in series instead of parallel when the current gets too high. I can hear the clicking of that relay plus at night I see the glow of the lamps, and most of the time they are just glowing dark amber indicating just a few Volt difference between the buddy pack (at 117-ish Volt) and practically no current. Then when accelerating or using EV mode they go full bright, click - parallel, still quite bright; would be close to 100 Volt then.

I'd love to use a MOSfet current controller but haven't found what I need yet.
I can build one if I have a design, but to design one is pushing the limits of my knowledge and confidence. Ah well.

Today I freed up 2 meter of 5-wire ground cable from a disused garden power outlet that led to worn garden lighting and a burned-out pool pump. That cable should be sturdy enough to safely carry the voltage and current feeds from the battery to my digital readout in the center console plus the relay control. I'll put 1 megaOhm resistors on the feed side just to be safe anyway; even if it does short the current would just be a trickle.

I had to remove a latch from the garden power outlet to detach the ground cable without losing length.
So I removed the latch, poured out the water and detached the cable.
Poured out the water, yeah. Leads all corroded and ionized. I have never been keen on outdoor electrics, that has not changed one bit now.
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