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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
My wife and I noticed a few local dealer lots have very few cars, both new and used. Virtually all the inventory is in suv's and trucks.
There was a very cheap 2016 Prius V a few states away.

I wanted to get all affected parties to take a test drive with me to see if the seats were useable on a road trip to certain posteriors.

I went to the only local Prius dealer remembering that they had a lot full of the things in 2015.

They only had one Prius in the entire lot, it was a Gen IV and I wasn’t even allowed to sit in it because it was parked up the fake hill ready to take off.

The whole giant lot was full of minivan like vehicles and trucks, only about 5 cars in total out of hundreds on the lot.

How things have changed

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