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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I have stopped at the same truck stop for the last couple of months and paid $2.259 a gallon, but suddenly it is $2.559, and I do not see any lower prices in my five-hour drive.

I do not know how worried to feel about that since I just quit my job and moved. I do not know how much I will be driving and where the cheapest gas in my route will be.

I drove 511 miles today and was looking forward to getting cheap gas in the Phoenix area, but when I checked, the lowest in the entire valley was $2.339. I stopped in a small town twenty miles north of my hotel when my gas tank read empty. As far as I know, it was the only gas station in town. It was dimly-lit, most of the pumps were out of order, but those that did work were so close together that if someone was already at the adjacent one, you needed to wait, because the hose did not reach your fuel tank.

Then I saw that it was $2.899.

Three dollars' worth of gas was more than enough to get to Phoenix.

The interesting part was that I was repeatedly delayed leaving home, and needing to drive 511 miles, I drove 75 in a 75, and 70 in a 65, instead of 65 throughout. Most drivers flew past me, but for half an hour or forty-five minutes, as I drove south from Flagstaff up and down mountains, it seemed like hardly anyone drove the speed limit, and I was passed very few times. It was interesting to see a semi struggling up a mountain in a 75 zone. I felt quite excited passing them. I made sure to carefully read each speed limit sign because yes, I was driving the speed limit, but nobody else was.

However, once it leveled out everybody drove like they were trying to attract the police.
How much would you like me to pontificate on this subject? Driving a semi myself, I see all kinds of behaviors, but what you described there in the mountains, I see regularly from coast-to-coast.

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