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You did a good job so far. It looks sturdy and safe.

Next weekend, after eastern I will try to make a MosFet controller design. The trick is to keep it simple.

I did not yet tear the car apart. So I don't know if I can find the power cable going from the IMA battery. What I am thingking of is this: Use a clip-on hall sensor to measure the current from the IMA battery. It is a bit costly, € 60,- , but non-invasive. Do you know the diameter of the factory installed power cable? Is there a good place to fit it?

Next thing is the High Voltage circuit. A P-channel MosFet, a coil, 2 diodes and a in- circuit (cheaper) hall sensor for current meaurement. This is luckily quite simple and not expensive as motor controller components are very common today.

And at last the low voltage decision and switch steering unit. So we have two current sensors. One is the IMA demand the other is the delivery from the buddy pack. Now we have to switch with some hysteresis to deliver on demand for a certain percentage.

It is possible to keep it analog with a few opamps and with a few potmeters added you can tweak the current and hysteresis and so on.

more details follow.
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