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Ecomodder powered VX Success story

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to say THANKS!
I've recently purchased a 1994 VX in good order with 180K. Initial Fuel Economy was 41, and through reading your ideas, a few repairs, and a few mods, I've now hit over 60 on a similar drive. Here's what it took, in chronological order:

Adjust timing- previous owner installed distributor, but left timing15 degrees off- adjustment got the power back down low in the rpms
Adjust valves
Repair speedometer-weak point on these cars is the solder joints on the back of the speedometer. Found some cold joints, soldered, got the speedo back.

new plugs- ngk4f-11 (previously some bosche ones)
Install MpGuino- Best mod ever. Knowing is half the battle, no? I have 175 tires to live with- so I'm going 2.6% more miles than the speedo says. MPGuino calibration number for VSS is thus 8001, not the typical 8208 for a VX
Tires to 50 psi
Build rear wheel covers and grill block using alupanel. Perfect for the job, sturdy like real body panels. Holds a curve. Get it used in scrap form from your local sign maker.
Front air dam- pretty aggressive, about 5" below original. This car is a bit saggy in the back, and I think was pushing a lot of air over that underbody.

At this point, I was feeling like I was at an impass-I was stuck around 50mpgs, and it was REALLY hard to stay in lean burn. I pulled compression just out of curiosity-I got 195-215-210-215. Pretty nice numbers... not that...
Finally, a break through- found a big issue- front brake drag-
my front pads had worn down into the rotors, so new rotors and pads there really helped in the front. I tried to make springs (Drag reducer clips) to push the pads back out, but the access is poor on the VX, and I couldn't come up with something I really liked and thought would help. I guess I'll do new hoses next, unless any other ideas here?
In the rear, I found more drag-
Fix e brake drag- I disengaged auto adjusters- this made the most difference.
Post brake drag fix it got a lot easier to keep the car in lean burn. Previously even a slight grade at 50 mph would put me out of it. Now I can drive "almost" normally and stay in lean burn...
Future mods: Hot air intake, kill switch, and side skirts

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