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First (and also biggest & biggest engine): '66 Pontiac GTO, when I was in the military. Notable for once driving it from eastern New Mexico, across the Texas Panhandle, and into Oklahoma without dropping below 100 mph.

Worst: '70s Chevy Vega.

Smallest (and also a contender for best): Austin-Healey Sprite.

Cheapest: The '68 Toyota Stout pickup I pulled out of a farm junkyard after it had been rolled. Jacked the roof back up, and it ran fine.

Most valuable today: the '55-ish Jaguar.

Best (for different reasons): The Sprite, '85 Honda CRX, '00 Insight, and '02 Miata. Oh, and maybe the '88 Toyota pickup, still going strong at 30, or will be when I get the new clutch installed.
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