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It's all about Diesel
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I wish we could have the same ease to get grey-imports here in Brazil, especially the JDM stuff mentioned by the OP and that is all over the place in neighboring Paraguay. Well, the only thing I would not be so willing to do if I could get a JDM ride would be the RHD-to-LHD conversion that is mandatory in Paraguay and Bolivia.

Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
The first vehicle I was allowed to drive was a 1982 diesel suburban
The first vehicle I was allowed (even though not legally because I was still a minor by then) was a Brazilian '98 Chevy-rebadged Opel Corsa. First Diesel was a Mitsubishi L200, IIRC that was a 2004.

The first car I bought was a 1981 Comutacar, it was my daily driver for many years
Still didn't buy a car of my own, and nowadays I'm actually more inclined to pick a 125cc motorcycle because of the lower cost and possibility to park it inside my apartment instead of having to leave it on the street overnight. Some years ago my dad came with a Honda XLX 350R but I didn't enjoy it so much, only rode it twice in 3 years before it was handed out to an uncle of mine. Well, I assume that living in an apartment without a designated parking spot would pretty much rule out any electric car to become my daily-driver.
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