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Originally Posted by bwilson4web View Post
About four years ago, I tested our Gen-1 and Gen-3 using up to E85. I found that mixing E50 worked without the check engine light. Above this ratio, the error code was a mixture limit (if I remember correctly.) Regardless, the car worked with the spark advanced due to the higher octane rating. I had one start failure on a freezing temperature morning but the second attempt worked fine. Unfortunately, I found it impractical.
Makes me remind of some media reports about people running straight ethanol in gasoline-powered cars in 2001, before the first flexfuels hit the market in Brazil. My stepmother's older son once inquired me about it in 2008 or 2009, and I explained him the EFI could self-adjust to compensate for the difference in octane rating, but the rougher idling right after a cold start was unavoidable.

The retail price for E85 was significantly higher than the wholesale price of gasoline at 15% and ethanol at 85% ratio. This made E85 too expensive to use versus E10, the cheapest.
Ethanol price had been high in Brazil, but it's still usually not higher than gasoline. OTOH it's still not economically viable anymore, as it doesn't offset the lower fuel-efficiency since the difference to gasoline price had been lower than 30%.
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