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Originally Posted by markr-nc View Post
After test of 56.2 miles the MPGinio was showing 55.51 miles. So I've changed the vss pulse number to 16202 from 16404. As near as I could tell that was a 1.024% difference. Pretty close. Filled it up, 156 miles 5.8 gallons almost all in short trips in town. Makes it about 26.9 mpg. That's the best this turbo Eclipse has ever done for city type driving.

The tank mileage on the MPGuinio was showing 27.2 so I'm going to leave the fuel number alone for a few more fill ups to see how it does. Road trip Friday so that will tell a little better.

MPGuinio Rocks,
Hey, your in Greensboro too, small world.

Let's get up, I've got a mpguino in 300zx i'm trying to calibrate.
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