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In my country doctors do all s... around and are rarely punished... it's a sort of mafia here.. and still suicide a lot more than average. Also steal a lot of hospitals and and services... fake works day to get paid for what didn't made, are paid a by given labs to prescribe a lot of a given drug...

A brazilian ginecologist rapped nearly 60 women (that was discovered so far) and other doctors knew for years he did that, but did nothing about.
A orthopedist harassed a lot of patients, had charges made by patietns, but nothing happened to hin until a TV station got hin with hidden cameras. Latter he tried toi sue the TV station.

Doctors have big egos, and have few tolerance to patients... and got anoyed easily.

Drug adiction are also higher between doctors, and it start on medicine schooll, as it's a fashion for many of them.

The documentary was tendenious, I said it after post it . The guy who made itbelieve AIDS/SIDA are not HIV related. He is crazy.
But the industry indeed have a dark side. They do not work for good of mankind, but for profit. Research to create chronic treatments instead of cures for diceases.

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Doctors have a high rate of suicide because... surprise... it's a stressful job.

Long hours, and you're often on call 24 hours a day. If your specialty means you cater to high risk patients... as cardiologists and neurosurgeons do... then the stress is greater, as one tiny mistake means you're left with a dead patient and/or an expensive career-ending lawsuit.

Rich people with big egos collect yes-men over the years. No surprise that they will eventually find doctors that will tell them what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear.

But Medicine, it works. It's an industry based on keeping you alive long enough so that you will keep buying more medicine as you grow older and everything starts inevitably breaking down.

Which is the ultimate retort to anti-vaxxers: What makes more money? Selling you medicine that will kill you? Or selling medicine that will keep you alive long enough that you will need more of it?

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