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That's why we need a Morelli lightweight ultra aerodynamix with solar panels on upper shell and regenerative braking.

Sorry if my words are rude, but a 100KW engine in a electric car it'sfar to represent it right. First you will not use 100KW, only rarely, in a same way you will not push a combustion engine car to the limits on city.

We need to calculate by measuring what energy the car spent in a day, and what the solar station produced.
But you still have reason to point the station will not produce enough. But a Morelli solar lighweight with regenerative brakes, problably will have a use, specially eve you have a station and a home with solar panels.
And hydrogen production would require probably power plants runing on coal, oil, for most countries.

I think it's silly to transplant all the downsides of combustion car to electric cars. Electric should be lightweight, with new design to get better aerodynamics.

A ethanol fuel cell with 85% efficiency, and lighweight cars would already be a incredible achievement. Ethanol can be produced from sugar cane, many times better than from corn, and the high efficience combined with lightweight plus aerodynamic and regenerative braking, would create cars that would consume a fraction of the ethanol combustion vehicles.
And these cars could also have solar panels and a small battery, to reduce ethanol consume even more.

And the CO2 released by the fuel cell would be compensated by the CO2 tooked by the sugar cane farming.

Hydrogen, for other side, it's bull sh... since the storage it's a huge problem. You took 50% of the energy, produced by hydrogen systems, by just liquefying it. And the tanks "leaks" (in atomic level), since hydrogen atoms are so small they can going through steel shells.
So you have loss in production, loss of liquefying it, and storage loss.

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As long as people realize that the couple kW of solar panels over a Tesla supercharger station is not even close to charging the car at 100 kW.

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