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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Old cars drived by computers and droids.
Humans will be in majority living in a sort of Matrix (but without drain energy), by their own choice, to forget the cold horrible society. Matrix with women being man and man being women or man/women being dog or cats & dolphins destroying Dead Star, and the few ones out the Matrix will be home pets for the droids.

Then, the world will be finally saved from humans.
Kudos for making me LoL

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I haven't seen Ready Player One yet, but that's the premise. At least partly.

sendler — We're already supporting 7 billion, if not well. Saharasia is 1/3 of the land surface and could use re-greening.

Seacrete lilly-pads could be filled with dredged sand and then a little [nano-particulate] clay and compost tea would produce even more arable acreage.
7 billion, living better than ever (longer and wealthier, anyhow). Way better. Of course Sendler will correctly point out that this is due to the finite fossil fuel gift, but I anticipate a gradual shift towards accommodating future human consumption. Perhaps partly by reduced human population, increased efficiency, and as you point out, continued innovation in turning relatively worthless land into worth-full land. Way easier to terraform the Earth than Mars.

Ready Player One is waiting for me on the Kindle, but I haven't run out of Jordan Peterson and his critics material yet.

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