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I checked the trailler now. Interesting...
At least women on future have no mustache. But the Oasis looked ugly, like a dark depressing nighclub. Media trying to push that what we need and dream it's more f... darkness.

King Kong, Iron Giant, Back to The Future time machine... But no USS Enterprise firing torpedos??? What a shame...

I bet many people, if really could get inti a virtual reality so realisty, would back to childhood to live something they missed. Most of people today would try to find a family they didn't had, good parents they didn't had, friends they didn't had. If... If they had sure it would be keep secrete.

Maybe a marginal outlaw would find a breastfeeding and a mother's lap he never had.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I haven't seen Ready Player One yet, but that's the premise. At least partly.

sendler — We're already supporting 7 billion, if not well. Saharasia is 1/3 of the land surface and could use re-greening.

Seacrete lilly-pads could be filled with dredged sand and then a little [nano-particulate] clay and compost tea would produce even more arable acreage.

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