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In my country they vaccined a lot people on city, against yellow fever, but there was no case of yellow fever in any urban area, just in country distant place with some variety of wild mosquito. SOme children died. More children died than people on cities, since no case of yellow fever got on city was confirmed.

Wrong use of vaccines can be harmfull.

The vaccine against dengue fever have low succcess rate, just 60% or so, since dengue fever is caused by 4 virus variences. You need to get 4 virus infections to be completely naturally be protected against it.
And the worst is that if get dengue fever 1x time, there is low danger of hemooragic fever (danger possible fatal), but in a second or in a third time, the risk to get hemorragic fever rises a lot.
Guess what, the s... vaccine works in the same way like the virus, if you take a vaccine shot without had got dangue fever of any kind, the risk of you get a hemorragic fever reaction, if you get infected by dengue virus, it's higher if you had took the vaccine before.

Conclusion, the vaccine against dengue fever took money, years, and it's a garbage, since have very low efficience (60% or less) and can help people get hemorragic fever reaction. It can kill more than can save, since dengue fever without hemorragic fever rarely kills, and dengue fever with hemmorragic fever reaction can easily kill someone.

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