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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Lety me tell you something, how LCD destroid my movie enjoying life.
Well, you could always read a book instead :-)

While I don't watch TV (and in fact have never owned one), I do have a 21" (or maybe 23"?) CRT display out in the shed. It's about 3 feet long, and weighs maybe 50 lbs. To use it, I had to move my desk a couple of feet away from the wall, and even then it was blurry and I'd get headaches from watching the video scan line zip back and forth.

The LCD displays that I have now are slim, and text, graphics, and colors are far better than any CRT I've ever seen. While I don't do video, I do some fairly complicated visualization stuff. I don't see any artifacts of the sort you describe. I suspect most of them are not the fault of the display technology, but of trying to compress high-definition video to fit through low-bandwidth channels.
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