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You have just described my diagram in message 8, as further described in message 30. I would keep both engines disengaged in a mis shift (verified by the shift position lights) because of the "solid" connection of the intermediate shaft. otherwise, if I wanted one engine to run without the other, I would have to add clutches at the intermediate shaft. It's simpler to use the clutches inside the transmissions. If I thought one transmission could handle the outputs of both engines, I would find some way to tie the two crankshafts before the transmission, but using both transmissions with safety clutch lockouts is simpler. I'm sure the dune buggy you mention was equipped with two inputs to one transmission, and I'm sure the two engines were not synchronized with each other, but I want to keep mine smoothly sync'ed 90 degrees out of phase to avoid the kind of thump-thump, thump-thump Harleys have.
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