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You took all wrong my text. First I refered about yellow fever, and deads of vacines applied in areas with no cases of yellow fever and not mosquitos on city carrying the virus. Just wild mosquito in country areas had the virus.

Then I refered about Dengue Fever, for which the vacines increase the risk of a body reaction know as hemorragic fever, a reaction that also happens much more often in second and third or forth infections of dengue virus, since it's related to strong imune response.
Dengue have 4 virus variances, and so you need to get the natural virus infection 4 times to be completely imune, and each time you got it it's more dangerous, more risky to get a hemorragic fever reaction.

The dengue vacine not just have only 60% efficiency (poor), but also can make people prone to hemorragic fever reaction in the same way a earlier virus infection can make people more prone to it in case of a second infection.
So the vaccine it's dangerous in some way.

AND IT'S NOT JUST ME. The health authorities themselves said that people who never got dengue SHOULD NOT take the vaccine.

Got it now ?


Originally Posted by niky View Post
Citation needed.

We're going through the same "issue" with Dengvaxia.

Guess what? While people are wringing hands over fourteen deaths that were purportedly caused by vaccine reaction (it was later determined they were not), we had hundreds fewer deaths from Dengue than the previous year.


Yes, the vaccine must be used properly. But it is hardly merde. And it is not useless.

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