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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
*As of 2014,CAFE was saving USA light vehicle owners $234,250,000,600/year,compared to pre-CAFE.
*And reducing CO2 by a little over a trillion tons/year.
*The more stringent standard, which is on the chopping block,would have had us saving an additional $91,269,212,920/year.
*With the 5% Federal Reserve' fractional reserve liquidity metric,if banked,these savings would only pump $1.8-trillion in capital /year into the USA economy,which otherwise now will go 'up in smoke.'
*We must be running a smoke deficiency.
I like the perspective given here, and the attempt at numbers, but they aren't adding up.

Americans consume 145,000,000,000 gallons of fuel per year. At $2.75/gal, that's about $400 billion/yr. How would the more stringent standard reduce fuel consumption by 1/4?

This also assumes that fuel economy would not otherwise improve at all without government mandate. Not only that, but there is cost associated with hybrid systems, and other research and development of fuel saving technology.

I'm not saying CAFE hasn't contributed to higher fuel economy, only that it isn't simple enough to give CAFE all the credit for saving all the money, or to even determine how much money was saved in the first place.
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