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I wanted to recover thermal energy from the engine using brushless air compressors and a few hydraulic over air cylinders to turn a couple air motors. I havent added up the mass, but it is massive. My ideas are kind of based on redundancy because each system succumbs to entropy, but I like to think that they are thusly built for success. I think the brushless air compressors should have WAI under the hood made of evacuated tubes. Maybe slap a heater core up against it. I dont know why cylinders are so expensive. I want to work at the factory that makes them just so I can get some of them. I need 3 tool shop air compressors, i need to make them brushless. I need 6 short stroke cylinders. 3 of them are hydraulic. 3 of them are air. I need a brushless hydraulic pump. The air compressors gas up the air cylinders. The hydraulic cylinders squeeze the air out two rotary vane air motors. I have thought of changing the tool shop compressors out with smaller rotary vane air motors. It all seems goofy but i am heat pumping an engine. Cylinders does not equal tank in this instance. I tried to make the load under 1100w because thats what i heard the DC system is on a prius. I would make the prime mover for the hydraulic system 700w and each of those tool shops can only be like 200w. I was going to add two wheels (more mass and rolling resistance) and 4 rotary vane air motors that just used a belt and free wheels. It would also be nice to have evacuated tubes on the roof for solar gain. Evacuated tubes have a much better efficiency for surface area than PV.

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