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I will definitely have to do coastdown/ABA testing if/when I implement this; definitely don't want to add drag to the car. But I read somewhere that the rear of the Civic sedans wasn't that good until 2006 with the release of the 8th gen with it's smoother rear end like MetroMPG had for his winter beater??

I haven't done any tuft testing (will do that before building this) but I live on a dirt road so I've gotten some semblance of an idea how the wind flows - "dirt" on the rear sides of my car tends to travel upwards onto the rear trunk; doesn't this indicate a significantly unaerodynamic rear end?

Yes I saw that post and it's honestly what I'm basing this off of mostly. Your thread has been an inspiration to me; I doubt I'll reach your 60 mpg since yours is a manual and you've done significant mechanical changes to your car, but if I can get 50 or close to that I'll be satisfied.
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