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I'm surprised how nearly everyone today suffers from what I call flag agenda syndrome, where everyone who got from one side of politics (right or left flag) bring the entire agenda together, adopting every idea of the agenda form the choosed side, life a robot or like a pen drive download.

Even the CO2 now it's no longer a chemical ellement but a political ellement, a political tool for left or right flag

I believe the flag agenda syndrome it's caused by money, journalists and public figures sold for one side or other, and people who don't adopt a entire agenda have no support of nobody.

This is a signal of the mediocrity of our times.
That's way 99% oa people, specially public figures, who is right or left have the same opinion of everyone from the same side about marriege, global warming, gays, imigration, sexism, moraliy etc...

The flag agenda syndrome reduced society to a binary thing. it's easier to keep both sides in hostile clima if both are like matter and antomatter. While people fight eat other it's easier for corrupt governments and leaders to steal and f...up society and the world.

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