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You know I wanna figure out with you one thing. There is a guy that prompts to drive like that, concerning the BSFC and in elimination of the pump loses, by doing the following. Don't forget that we are talking about the electronic accelerator pedal.

He rises the revs up to 3000 rpm, on the first gear, and then, with the further acceleration on the 2, and 3rd gears, by giving 80% instant push of the pedal, on each gear, he is saying by doing that he opens the throttle blade fully, and that it is the right economic way to ride concerning the elimination of the pump loses on it, with the best BSFC. But we know that the car do not, with e-pedal, do the things it do with conservative pedal with wire. And do not accelerate righ at all for a long time.

What do you think? I know what I think on him...., but want to know your opinions.

And we all should know that, the fuel is less burned for economy by fast car acceleration, in full but not that fast accelerator push, to get away from fuel-hungry gears asap.

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