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I hate human nature. I confess.
For me humanity in modern times it's just a cave man or a monkey driving George Jetson's car while talking on iPhone.

Tribe it's the perfect word to describe society. Digital aborígenes.

Unfortunately we are in a era, in 21 century, where reason is being victim of colletive rape. Maybe a consequence of easy comunication, giving voice to many idiots or to many opportunists that grab a lot of idiots.
The grown-ups of today are more like silly kids, addicted to self reward, self-pity and anesthetized feelings.

Our "monkey genes" always sellect and split, sellect and split. Took religions, all have nearly the same roots (Abrahan or even earlier as Pagan Gods), but always splited, changed, fight. If we would sellect a small group of very same ideolody (or madness) and eradicate all the rest, this group would fast change, create variances, new groups, and would fight over time all over again.

My only hope it's genetic science, to change human nature, change the high incidence of savage genes ,otherwise this sh...t will never change. The proportion of dumb sh...t idiots and savages it's much higher than the proportion of bright mind people.

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This is why I claim no political flag and avoid religious argument. My arguments for a particular position on something needs to be derived from reason, not from allegiance.

In less civilized times, human nature was for tribes to war and to pillage the others. We have the same human nature, only we live in a different age where that behavior takes a different form.