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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
...Maybe a consequence of easy comunication, giving voice to many idiots or to many opportunists that grab a lot of idiots.
The grown-ups of today are more like silly kids, addicted to self reward, self-pity and anesthetized feelings.

...If we would sellect a small group of very same ideolody (or madness) and eradicate all the rest, this group would fast change, create variances, new groups, and would fight over time all over again.

My only hope it's genetic science, to change human nature, change the high incidence of savage genes ,otherwise this sh...t will never change. The proportion of dumb sh...t idiots and savages it's much higher than the proportion of bright mind people.
I'd say humanity has grown more intelligent and less violent over time, though I don't know what it was like to live in past epochs. Most of us are able to read and write though, and few of us die from the hand of violence.

Variance accomplishes 2 important things. First it explores new ideas, some of which are useful, and second it inoculates the species from being annihilated by a weakness common to everyone.

Too much homogeneity is not good, and certain extremes such as psychopathy are bad. It's important that genetic engineering eliminate clearly bad traits while not eliminating variance.

As far as dumb vs smart people go, exactly half are smarter than average, and exactly half are dumber than average. Considering the breadth of knowledge is infinite, we're all closer to knowing nothing than knowing everything.
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