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Originally Posted by All Darc
I hate human nature. I confess.
We know, we know.

Tribalism is just a stage on a path.

The first stage is self, babies are fascinated with their toes — the far extent of their selfness. Next is family, for better or worse, that hold the child as chattel. Then is tribe, that's around six, when the child becomes educable. Next come nation-state at around puberty — totally beyond the understanding of the six-year-old.

There are additional stages but they are just becoming available to us at this time. An example might be Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's 1922 concept of the noosphere:


I'd say humanity has grown more intelligent and less violent over time, though I don't know what it was like to live in past epochs.
It varied. The Trobriand Islanders didn't have it too bad, until the steamships showed up.


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