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Originally Posted by Twerp View Post
I happen to love the Highlander Hybrid. In fact, I'm trying to encourage the New England Collage Dept of Campus Safety to ask for a grant so that we can replace our Fix-or-repair-daily Excursion cruiser with a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Yes, an SUV really does make sense for our safety department. The variety of duties and weather that we deal with make an SUV very convenient.
Hey Twerp, here's a couple articles I had come across when I was researching my report on the benefits of making it mandatory to have all law enforcement vehicles be hybrids And like it says in the article, they use the Prius the exact same as they would any other patrol vehicle, and it's here in beautiful IL... and we all know Chicagoland is famous for our nice MILD winters

Hybrid vehicles serve as workhorse for NIU police

**Oh, and I'm sure you meant "College Dept", not Collage, right? That would be something completely different.... unless they have a lot of spare time, and found a hobby to fill that time

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