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Have a higher tax rate for Bentleys than for motorized lunch boxes?

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey fired 134 of the state's 332 audit and collections employees and the state lost $83 Million in taxes. That is especially bad because he reduced the work force by 40%, but audit collections dropped 47%.

As of 2015, the IRS had ‎79,890 employees and an annual budget of ‎$11.4 Billion.

People buy toys like devices and cars whether or not they are fiscally responsible. Let's say you have one rate for devices that cost a thousand dollars or less and personal vehicles that cost thirty thousand or less, but a $60,000 vehicle has four times the taxes of a $30,000 one, and so forth. Houses are expensive, too, but while I am sure you can still find a nice place somewhere for $100,000, while the cheapest patch of dirty I found in San Francisco was $200,000 for 1473 square feet of a steep hill without street access.

I liked the idea of simplifying taxes before I started paying them. Perhaps those 80,000 tax wo\men enjoy their jobs, but how much of that $11 - 12 Billion could go towards... what is in vogue nowadays? Crosseyed kittens?
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