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The bamboo fiber can also be used to creat composities stronger than steel (for the same weight evaluation).

For clothes it's polemic, since the process to take fibers with purity require for clothes took many chemicals and got not eco friendly in the end. But researches was working in a bio process to extrat fiber with no environment razard.

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Bamboo can grow basically anywhere, and once it's introduced to some region where it's not endemic it becomes such an oversized weed that is not any easy to get rid of. So why not taking benefit of it for useful things?

I heard about that, and on Brazil they are creating new sugar-cane varieties that are richer in fiber, for this project of celulosi broke into sugar. But this is more expansive, since it require acids or natural enzymes to broke celulosi into sugar. They are trying to eprimorate microorganisms that produces such enzimes. They also tries to find better yeast (for fermantation) that suits better for the types of sugar produced by the broken cellulosis process. Even some remains of coffee grains will became ethanol.

But this rich fiber sugar-cane variety it's also poor in sugar, so I wonder how it can be better if the celulosis ethanol it's more expansive to produce.
In future, if great enzymes was found with low production cost, any straw like thing will be converted int ethanol, from wood, dry sleaves, anything with celulosis.

For bamboo, since the expense of raw bamboo it's extremelly low, I don't know if it makes bamboo ethanol closer to sugar-cane 1*generation ethanol in therms of final cost.

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No need for that, since it's meant to be used for cellulosic ethanol (the so-called "second generation ethanol"). Cellulose and other structural polysaccharides are in fact some sort of sugar anyway...
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