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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Why do you consider it torture? Unless your return is a lot more complicated than mine (which includes Schedule C, D, SSE, and several pages of numbered forms), it's not all that difficult.
Any complication is unnecessary, so I start off hating it. I've never had a year where all of the forms I was supposed to receive made it to me, so when I finally build the will to do my taxes, I run into something that's missing and have to stop and make phone calls, etc.

I am 50% owner of a 4 unit dwelling in Enid, OK, so adding up all income and expenses on this, depreciation, etc and splitting it in half is cumbersome.

We're on an HSA/HDHP and this complicates things.

My wife was in school, so there is that extra process.

Mortgage interest.


Assigning a value to all the things donated to charity is a burden (charity should be charity, not a tax deduction).

Tracking business related mileage.

Home office expenditures.

Then I have to count how many eyes and limbs I have.

This whole process is corrupt. Why should people wealthy enough to buy a brand new EV get $7,500 from other taxpayers? How about first time home buyers getting $8,000 (I got that one).

The financially wise find ways to exploit the system, and those least capable of exploiting the system get screwed.

Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Why do you think it's "evil" to support a policy that helps out retired people and benefits the overall economy? FTM, why is it evil to buy a Congresscritter or two?
Policies don't help people. There isn't a single policy that has ever helped a person. People help people, there is nothing else. A policy might compel me to open my pocket to help out those poor EV buyers at the threat of violence, but ultimately it's me (and all the other taxpayers) that helps those unfortunate folks. The policy merely gives the theft the illusion of legitimacy.

Policies are ineffective at addressing the root of issues. This is why anti-discrimination laws are worthless. You can't legislate goodwill, or legislate away badwill. I want to see these horrible, pointless, and non-constitutional laws eliminated, not because I want to see the rise of bigotry, but because I don't want it to live in the shadows. Let the bigots act out so we can appropriately shame and boycott them.
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