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Sprouts and Electric Gliders

It would be pretty rad to have a solar powered electric glider that also had atmospheric water harvesting, I have to think about this more because, I realized that while harvesting, we are increasing mass AND thermal energy. If there is a way to regenerate thermal energy from the additional thermal mass using only solar power I don't know, BUT I have thought about making some parallel series hybrids. There would be a larger thermal mass. The series are gas electric, but I make them parallel for the purposes of regenerating thermal energy. It would be awesome to make it automatically rinse beans at the same time.

I think we can get really good regeneration for few cell charge cycles, but we are talking about a glider. The whole mode of transportation is hypermilling.

Say there are three 1hp motors at 2lbs each. 3 evacuated tubes at .4lbs each. A gallon of water weighs 8lbs. A gallon of gas weighs 8lbs at 50 degrees f. I like to precool the gas and the evacuated tubes. I want to put little electric block heaters on the little engines. So, everything is in an ice chest. AND!!! 160L of air weighs .4lbs. 160L is a 20L tank at 120psi. Just for fun.

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