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01 Insight: To sell or not to sell?

Hi EM - I've had a case of the 2nd gear synchro grind on my Insight for a while now. I've gotten used to it, but don't have the time or the tools these days to do anything about it - at least in a meaningful human amount of time. Meanwhile, I have been compelled by Daox's recent Mitsubishi Mirage post because when I do drive, it is often a regional roadtrip where I'd like to bring along more than one other person, and/or have someone else drive. No one else can drive my car without some serious 2nd gear grinding at this point. It's not super important, it would just be nice to not deal with anymore. Just trying to think of the economics of the situation (not just monetary, but utility - you know, real economics)...

I could pay a mechanic to deal with the 2nd gear issue (I know one who is excited to work on a "cool car" like mine) as well as other items in that area (should probably do the clutch as well as timing/water). That's a breath of life into a car that generally stays free of winter's salt, but there's also no way that's not going to be a pricey job. If I do that, I could then more easily sell it if I still really want a 4-seater.

What does the EM community think? Attempt to sell the grindy Insight to a mechanically-inclined Ecomodder? Fix up the Insight and keep going? Fix up the Insight, sell, and get a Mirage? I don't foresee a time in the near future where I'd be able to do any work on my own car that requires the use of an engine puller, but pretty much everything else I can do on my own. I also have more money than time at my disposal these days - I could even afford to get a Mirage right now and have both for a short time, but I definitely don't want to pay for two cars. Illinois/Chicago policy definitely dis-incentivizes car ownership in general, but I think that's probably a good thing. It certainly influences me.

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