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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I like how climate change and what causes it has some how gone from being a hypothesis to surpassing known laws of science as far as not being open for debate.
That just means they are scared.
This line of thinking alone is telling us all we need to know.
Seems like climate change is well understood:
*1824 Joseph Fourrier (sp?) explains the greenhouse effect
*1864 John Tyndall isolates CO2 as 'the' greenhouse gas in Earth's atmosphere
*1898 Arrhenias Svante is able to predict global warming from CO2 atmospheric concentration.
*1950s David Keeling's CO2 curve,from Mauna Loa ,measurements is verified by other researchers' proxy data.
*Antropogenic CO2 is rising at a nonlinear,geometric rate.(Isotopic assay verifies that this carbon is 'ancient' carbon,dug from the ground)
*Venus is 30,000,000 miles further from the Sun than Mercury,and yet,it is 500F warmer.(it has a CO2 atmosphere)
*Earth's MOON,with no atmosphere,averages -100F.
*Earth,at the same distance from the Sun has averaged 56F,with a small compliment of greenhouse gases until recently.Now we're over 57F.
*We've already warmed 1.5 degrees since the Industrial Revolution began.
*If we turn off coal-fired power plants today,we'll gain another immediate 1.5-degrees due to the stratospheric albedo loss from settling Sulfate aerosols now suspended up there.
What is the debate?
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