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Originally Posted by aerohead
Unanimity could be had within 72-hours with the media alone.
More like the media is what stands in our way. I hauled firewood upriver with my friend today. He said the he get info from 'primary sources' through the mainstream media, and ignores conspiritoral opinion. I said "Oh, like Fire & Fury and Stormy Daniels?" He had to a reluctantly agree. Never heard of Maggie Nixon.

Uncensorial truth is all that's needed. That and the TCP/IP stack.

Originally Posted by All Darc
How much $ per watt ?
This is why I didn't respond to your question. It leads to more questions, like is the Thorium extracted from coal slag or from sea water with graphene sheets with nano-pores. Then that leads to other quetions and that leads to.... who knows?
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