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I'm just jealous you have a Gen-1 Insight, regardless of its condition.

I'd say it depends on how much you're driving. Hondas generally are many times more reliable than Mitsubishis, especially the Mirages and all their known issues (regardless of if you're a fan or not). The Mirage would get 40-50 mpg instead of 60-70. Personally if the costs weren't too sky high I'd keep the Insight and repair it unless you're needing the extra passenger or cargo capacity of the Mirage, but I'm partial to Honda and biased against Mitsubishi...reputable reliability is king.

Depending on what's all wrong with the Insight, fixing it now and having few issues down the road may be better than getting a Mirage and dealing with all it's issues past the 100K mark. But if there's a lot wrong and the cost of repair would run you several thousand dollars, I'd sell--but only to an ecomodder. Gen-1 insights are too sacred to be sold to ricers or the junkyard. And I'm sure on a site like this there'd be plenty of members who would love to have your car and fix it up. Those Gen-1 insights are gems, and it's highly unlikely you'll match the MPG of an Insight in a Mirage, unless your Insight had a messed up O2 sensor or something like that. It really depends on your circumstances, there's a lot of factors involved.
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