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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
The other big problem is that the sheeple have been greenwashed by trade magazines promoting sales of their product into thinking we can just replace all of the 17 TeraWatts we are now using with solar and wind without ever running the numbers to find out how impossible it is to create that much hardware and find the room to install it. Renewables (rebuildables) are not nearly dense enough to replace fossil fuel. Not to mention the storage issues to prevent frequent blackouts. And the loss of the versatility and storage density of liquid fuels for large machines.
Renewables are good exactly because they are not concentrated. Distributed over a wide area, and over a number of diverse sources, mean that they are much more robust, and more stable. Renewables cost less over time, and the improved health and reduced pollution, and mitigated climate - all make renewable energy not only cheaper, but necessary.

Renewable energy doesn't require military protection, and we don't have to kiss up to dictators. Distribution of sources mean that no company / country can control it.

Nuclear power is way too expensive, and poisonous and radioactive waste are a ridiculous thing to even contemplate.

We have a perfectly good fusion reactor, all fueled up and distributing energy all over the earth - called the sun.
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