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You were spot-on until the last paragraph:

We have a perfectly good fusion reactor, all fueled up and distributing energy all over the earth - called the sun.
Even if the photons are generated in that 'compost heap' in the center, the distribution is via the plazmatic 'solar wind'.

Edit: Still haven't watched it, but I skimmed the transcript

HEIDI CULLEN (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute): Our planet did not come with a manual of how it all works.
RUTH GATES: The scientific evidence is so clear about where we're going, but there is an astonishing inertia. We're not mitigating fast enough to stop the train crash.

STEPHEN PACALA: The technological solutions make it inevitable that we will solve this problem. The question is just how much damage we create before we finally reign it in.

WALEED ABDALATI: We can wait; we can do nothing for 50 years, but we will have dug a much, much deeper hole for ourselves to climb out of.

NARRATOR: The evidence for human-made climate change is solid. Solutions for how to stop or slow it are available.
It's already been ~50 years. R. B. Fuller published the Operating Manual in 1969!

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth Contents
1 Chapter synopsis
1.1 Comprehensive propensities
1.2 Origins of specialization
1.3 Comprehensively commanded automation
1.4 Spaceship earth
1.5 General systems theory
1.6 Synergy
1.7 Integral functions
1.8 The regenerative landscape
2 See also
3 Notes
4 External links

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