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A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement

At least one, at least one feminst, oppened the eyes :

But why so many took the mass riot and forgot about the other side, that man also suffer in the world ?
Why people arte so selfish to only think about what it's similar, and don't make any effort to put themselves in the place of other kinds of people ?

Maybe because power corrupts... In the same way it corrupted man during old times fashion, it now corrupts women.

The flag syndrome... she felt it herself when her documentary was released, since instead of debate with reason, people just attacked her.
THAT'S WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY : People became fuc...king politics, politic tools. It's just a banch of monkeys (no race issue here) acting like crazy in a footaball/soccer game stadium.

Now Facebook, Youtube, and other media that offers buble syndrome (people connect with just who think like them) things got worse.

Reason it's in serious extinction process, in serious danger. Media managed people to became this desgrace, puppets, tools, political flags.

In the end people, overal society, get poorer, the richs of industry and media get richer, overal people get unhappy, mentally disrupted, etc...

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